November 30, 2018


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What is ‘Lay the Field’ and Can It Help You Win Big on Betfair?


What tactics are you using on Betfair to earn profits? The beauty of this platform is that
there are many tactics you can use to earn best investment funds.

Provided that you do your own research and all, you’re simply just going to input all of those things in your trading program of choice and you just basically set it and forget it.

However, there is one tactic that requires your focus and attention and it requires you to look at your monitor screen until the race finishes. I am talking about the ‘lay the field’ tactic. What is it and can it really help you win big on Betfair?

What is It?

Lay the Field is a Betfair strategy wherein you simply place a lay bet on all horses in a single horse race. That is pretty much it. You can earn profits based on the parameters that you’ve set before the race started.

Although this may seem simple on paper, in actuality, is a little bit hard if you want to earn profits. The main challenge here is that every time you make a lay, the price increases and because of that, you will need to pay more in order for you to get matched and get a profit.

The way you win is that whenever you get 2 horses matched during the race, you will
break even- meaning that you neither win nor lose. When you get 3 horses set at 2, however, you can then start winning and raking up the profits.

If you’re extremely lucky, you could get matched with 4 or more horses which will really give your wallet a boost by the end of the race.

Just remember that if you do the things that I’ve said, it will require you to win more than 50% of your trades so that you can earn some profits.  That is because your risk/reward ratio is set at 1:1 if you do this.

How to Make This Work for You?

So, how do you make use of this tactic to make it work for you and earn profits? Well,
here are a few tips:

1) Take notes about the course, the horses that are going to play, and other factors that could help influence the outcome of the race

2) Place a lay bet on all of the horses and place the lay value at 1.5. When you do this, you have to make sure that you win at least half of your trades to make a profit since your risk/reward ratio is going to be set at 1:1 automatically.

3)  If 1.5 doesn’t work for you initially, bumping it a bit higher like 1.52, for example,
might make the difference.

4) Remember that this only works when you actively look at the screens until the
race ends, so make sure to not get distracted when the race starts

5) Also, do not forget to put a stop loss in the event that the race does not go according to your plan.