July 31, 2019


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The Most Critical Web Hosting Features for Small Businesses

1.Ease of Use

Look into the best web hosting companies in Malaysia that can help you improve your traffic. Web hosting basically delivers the capacity and space needed to allow traffic in your pages. Not all web hosts will make your life easier, though. Choose a provider that has dedicated staff and user-friendly platform.

2.eCommerce Viability

Being able to sell products and services online is a huge plus for many businesses. If you want to create a website with strong ecommerce capabilities, take into account other components like inventory management, shopping processing, online payment processing, customer segmenting and more.


Huge successful businesses have humble beginnings. Higher web hosting uptime and reliability are important foundations that can help contribute to your ecommerce website’s growth. If your platform can’t be accessed well, you would lose customers and revenue, and drop in search engine ranking.

4.SSL Certificate

There are several components that can generate credibility and trust for ecommerce platforms. Consider acquiring an SSL certificate. This is a crucial thing you must take note of, since there are also several kinds of SSL. Some of them may be a bit expensive. SSL is most especially useful for business websites that deal with financial information or customer data.


Expect your business to grow in just a few months to a year. Make sure you are able to cope with it. For beginners, always begin small, with an affordable shared hosting service. Then, once your business finally takes off, you can upgrade.

6.Cheap Prices

For small business, budget is always an issue. This is the reason why first and foremost, they look into the overall amount of website creation. Remember, there are plenty of things you need to consider when computing costs of website creation. The price range may vary, depending on how simple or complicated your needs are.