December 4, 2018


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The L-O-V-E of SEO + PPC

In the online marketing landscape, PPC and SEO is a power couple. Many search marketers consider PPC and SEO as different ventures, but greater success will be experienced when they are utilized simultaneously.

PPC enables users to test different ad copies. It can also generate higher CTRs, and help adjust the search engine optimization strategy for much-improved results. With quick, efficient click-through details, professional seo expert can shift titles, meta descriptions, and overall content to attract more customers.

SEO + PPCThe SEO keyword test process takes a really long time. When you update webpages with targeted keywords, it will take several months before seeing some progress. PPC can change that. It allows quicker keyword tests in a  much shorter period of time.

By bidding on some keywords, immediate results can be seen in just a few days. Utilize that information to target more keywords for SEO.

PPC can monitor and test keyword performance and click-through.

Visibility on Search Engine results Pages

When someone enters a query on a search engine, they are presented with paid ads, and organic listings. PPC and SEO work together by focusing on all similar keywords.

Search engine optimization tends to provide improved long-tail keywords that PPC will not always uncover. In general, PPC looks into good keywords that can attract a bigger audience, though high-performing keywords are a challenge to pinpoint.

These high-performing, long keywords are very valuable. Research shows that customers who utilize long keywords are closer to the point of purchase.

SEO + PPCBy using PPC and SEO data, you will be able to know what is effective. This will help you polish your strategy, moving forward. If you want your SEM venture to be successful, take advantage of all the data that you will get.

SEO and PPC agencies work together to make a big positive impact in every SEM strategy. By utilizing the strength of every discipline, you will surely attract new clients and test more organic keywords. In turn, you will increase your brand’s online visibility.