August 24, 2018


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How to Boost Social Media Traffic

If you are looking to build your brand in social media and gain more followers, likes, comments, targeted traffic and friends, then you might want to read this whole post.

  1. Share your content multiple times in a day. Having a schedule to post and when to post the content is important and it is also okay to post multiple times, but not to the point that you are spamming your friends or followers. You can always engage an expensive social media marketing agency to manage if you don’t have the time. It can be annoying too for them to see the same things on their timeline but eventually, they will click at your post and maybe after reading through the content they will like and share it with other people. According to the rule of seven, which is one of the oldest concepts in marketing, if someone sees you seven times they are much more likely to convert themselves into your followers or buy your products.
  2. Cross-promote your social media. If you are trying to get more traffic on your social media why not promote all your social media with each other. For example, you put your Twitter link on your Facebook account and tell people to follow you on Twitter and vice versa. By doing that, each social channel has more clout and it is so much easier to gain more followers and fans.
  3. Inspire with visuals. It is essential to impress someone who comes across your profile and if they see interesting visuals on your profile they will definitely click follow. This especially applies on Instagram as it is a platform to share photos and if you want to engage more followers to your account, you have to post photos or videos. However, not just normal photos because according to research, photos with a high level of photography, vibrant colours or well-designed feed will create more engagement among people.
  4. Use paid advertising. If you are starting with a smaller budget, just spend a couple of dollars a day by boosting posts and it will drive clicks to your site and pageviews. Let’s say you want to boost your site, so you might have to use Twitter ads or YouTube ads to boost the traffic engage and your site will stay on the page for a couple of minutes or hours. Plus, it is quite cheap.