September 11, 2019


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How Can You Get Child Support as a Single Parent?

Being a single parent is a challenging task. It has lot of ups and downs. One day, you are having fun buying baby bath accessories in Malaysia, and then the following day you are having a difficult time managing finances. While some mothers can carry on by themselves without any problem, others really have a tough time. Regardless of your current situation, a custodial parent like you is entitled to gain financial support from your kid’s other parent.

The federal government commands that each state have child support guidelines. The processes and frameworks for acquiring the much-needed support may vary state by state. Models utilized to calculate the amount of support also vary, but all of them consider the child’s medical needs, number of children and income.

Child support is determined in the same exact way whether you are separating or unmarried, getting divorced, or unexpectedly had a baby after an encounter with a stranger. You have 4 choices when filing for child support–working with a mediator, doing it solo at court, or letting the state’s support agency help you, or hiring an attorney. This process may take many months, depending on the situation and on the state.

If you want to chase all the money, and a bit unlucky, or if the child’s other parent doesn’t really have it, it can take several years.

While single fathers are a big part of their children’s lives, most of the child care burden still falls on women. According to records, 3 million kids live with a solo father, while 15 million lives with a single mom. When both of their parents give ample support, children can have better outcomes.