February 27, 2020


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1. Why affiliate marketing?

As side hustlers, we often struggle with finding the balance between normal everyday employment and the side hustle. Also, on the off chance that you’ve recently started a new activity, the balance game is even worse.

So, you are searching for opportunities to make passive income – where you don’t have to accomplish something at a certain time to get paid actively. The greater part of what you can accomplish for it, can be set up once and still make you money months down the line.


You can market top affiliate Malaysia items to the rundown that you have (whether that is 100 people or 1000), during your instructing calls, and even via web-based networking media.


You don’t have to create your own item, which can take research, money, and time. These items already exist.

By advancing other’s items, it is really a great method to see what items and services resonate with your audience as well.
You share a connection with your readers, and that is it. You don’t have to stress over following sales, giving customer service, setting up payments, or whatever else. All that help is handled by the merchant.


Because this is an approach to make money from things you are likely already doing – recommending apparatuses and items and services. While affiliate marketing isn’t exactly passive income, it doesn’t require a huge time or money investment on your part.


Are you a team of one like me? Don’t sweat it. Affiliate marketing is completely doable, even in case you’re a solopreneur.

2. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an approach to offer items and services to your customers without creating them yourself. It’s like getting a commission on a sale.

So, you discover an item or service you like, recommend it to your readers, and earn a benefit on each sale you make. For the most part, the commission is money; however, depending on the program, it very well may be free a very long time of an item, credit, or other bonuses.

I likewise like to consider it an approach to make money recommending instruments you are already discussing. You, in all probability, already have connections on your blog to items and services you love. Why not see if there is a chance to transform those into affiliate joins?

This is the reason I have really been exploring along these lines of bringing in money because my image has evolved to be a lifestyle, guardian type brand. Furthermore, affiliate marketing fits directly in with that. Yet, you can add affiliate marketing to any brand style, which makes it a nice income stream option.

3. Be that as it may, isn’t this sleazy?

In the event that you are already blogging for a specific area or theme, this can be easy. The stunt here is to discover an area that you know well. Are there things that people can purchase to help this right now?

In case you’re already blogging about pets, for example, there are likely books, devices, and resources you already recommend at any rate, even in your everyday conversation. Begin writing those down.

The key here is that you should just become an affiliate for items, projects, and books that you have personally used and love. Because this is about your reputation.

You need to share this item because you’ve thought that it was useful or you love it. Along these lines, you won’t feel sleazy or unethical.

Recommending items, you’ve used likewise makes you an expert to your audience. So if your audience has questions or needs help getting started, they can come to you as a resource.

4. What would you be able to be an affiliate for?

When considering items, you need to be an affiliate for – start with documenting the entirety of the items you use and love. This could be anything from the categories below.

You can begin searching for the item or organization you need to promote on Google. On the off chance that you don’t discover it, you can generally attempt to google the item or organization name + affiliate program to see on the off chance that they have a program.
On the off chance that there is certainly not a clear answer, sometimes I’ll even search on twitter to see on the off chance that someone has asked the question previously, or I’ll inquire as to whether not.

Be that as it may, what sort of items would you be able to promote as an affiliate?


On the off chance that it’s available in your state, you can join to be an Amazon affiliate. When you are an Amazon Associate and include connections to Amazon items on your site, you can earn up to 15% in referral fees. I earn a little piece of money from this by recommending books and other items I love.

The other cool thing about Amazon is on the off chance that someone taps on your affiliate interface and purchases anything from Amazon inside 24 hours you’ll get a percentage of that sale even if it’s not the first item you recommended.


There are some sites that aggregate affiliate programs like ShareASale and CJ Affiliate. You can join to be an affiliate on these sites and search available items to refer to your audience.

You may likewise locate that some affiliate programs you need to apply for are through these networks as well.


Is there a certain camera that you use to make your course videos? What sort of PC do you use? What goes in your rucksack or messenger sack? Consider everything you use to run your side hustle.


What web apparatuses do you use to maintain your business? Some of these can provide commissions on the off chance that you refer someone to their item, or you can get a free month or a markdown on your membership. Consider what you use for online life management or web hosting.

Another great affiliate program that bundles together computerized items is Ultimate Bundles. They promote different bundles related to blogging, profitability, finances, healthy meal arranging, and then some. Based on your audience, you may pick a bundle or two to promote.


What do you use in your personal life? You might be able to earn a commission or get some credit towards your future purchase.
Consider membership boxes (like StitchFix) or online rebate programs (like this one) that you may use.


Are there other bloggers in your theme area or industry that you are following? See what types of items they are advancing. You may get motivation from that.

5. Step by step instructions to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

At this point, you may have an idea of projects and services you use that you can become an affiliate for.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and mentally begin experiencing the entirety of the apparatuses and resources you use in your business. This could include courses, technical instruments like calendars and hosting services, and even books or gear that you use to make videos and get ish done.

Snatch this spreadsheet and “Make a Copy” to create your own affiliate spreadsheet. Begin posting your projects and services in the “Apparatuses” segment.

This is the thing that I use to keep track of affiliate programs for my side hustle. It’ll help you start off organized, and you can keep everything in one place.

Because I believe the significant piece of being an affiliate is to be reliable. In the event that you recommend something just to make money, that is when you are taking a chance with your relationship with your audience.
You likewise need to know how these items work in case your audience needs to reach out and pose inquiries.