Best Programming Languages To Be Used In Mobile App Development

There are tons of programming languages at disposal for mobile app developers but not all and every programming languages are widely known and used. So If you are planning to do mobile app development it is best to choose the most used and known programming languages.

Why? Well it’ll be easier for you (mobile app developers) to work with and should issues arise it’ll less hard for you to troubleshoot it since you are familiar with the workings. Though i’m saying that you shouldn’t use or touch other programming languages for mobile app development it just that by choosing and using programming languages that you familiar with, the development process for the mobile app will be much smoother.

But sometimes it can’t be help, some clients will demand you to use a specific programming language and you might struggle because you are not familiar with it. However, if you can master these 5 best and most known programming languages, then you will encounter less hassle when using other programming languages.


Java, a programming language that has aged well and stood the test of time, also one of the basic programming language in mobile app development. Every mobile app developers should know about this language.

Java is programming language used specifically for Android and Android alone, for iOS there other programming languages can use for it. Java programming language has been around for ages and even though there are other programming languages the demands for Java are still a lot. Android Studio and Eclipse are the two major ides for Java programming language.


A recently developed programming language (2014) specifically for iOS by Apple. Reason for Apple to develop Swift is to overcome the problems found in Objective-C and it successfully does so. With Swift, writing code for latest Apple’s API—Cocoa Touch and Cocoa becomes much, much smoother and easier. Also, Swift can avoid the usual security vulnerabilities found in other programming languages.

Swift is supported by Xcode ides and it can be used as a general purpose programming language.


The currently popular and trending programming language at the moment. Heck, even school kids know about this programming language it’s that popular. The first when it was announced by Google, you can see ‘Kotlin’ as headline at almost everywhere. Kotlin programming language is developed by JetBrain, the same studio behind Android Studio development back in 2011.

Kotlin is step up from Java as it able to overcome limitations faced by Java in mobile app development. Kotlin complies both in machine code and JavaScript, while focusing on it’s primary, Java Virtual Machine.


Another most known and used programming language. It not shares the same name with Java programming language but also few other similarities in terms of applications. Though few years back JavaScript is nothing more but a scripting language for front-end web development but today it is also used in back-end web development (Node.js) and app development.

The advantage with JavaScript for mobile app development is that it can use for hybrid mobile app development, means the app you developed can run both on iOS, Android, Linux or Windows, it is not limited to one single platform.

One important note; JavaScript is not suitable to be used in developing full-fledged corporate websites and others like it as it has many security flaws.


Before Swift, Objective-C was the sole programming language use iOS developers and it has a lot of flaws, these flaws, however, they are not found in every apps, only in types. Objective-C programming language is still very much relevant for OS X and iOS, including Apple’s latest API Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. This programming language also can be considered as an extension of C programming language.