August 5, 2019


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Back-to-Back Pregnancies: Basic Details You Should Know

Are you enjoying parenthood so far? Being a mother is both challenging and difficult, with all of its ups and downs. One day, you see yourself shopping for cute baby bibs in Malaysia, and then the next day you are dealing with breastfeeding issues. Surely, you would want to spend more time with your first baby, and get back in shape.

But, what if you unexpectedly get pregnant again? Back-to-back pregnancy is something that comes unexpectedly for many moms. This can bring about lots of psychological and physical challenges, including back pain, fatigue, and the stress of taking care of two young kids all at once.

Here are some important points you should remember regarding this.

1.Don’t be scared to gain weight.

It’s normal to gain additional weight on the second pregnancy, but it is recommended to gain less than the typical recommendation that is around 20 pounds. Discuss this matter thoroughly with your doctor.

2.Maintain a healthy diet.

Healthy eating habits equate to a healthy pregnancy. Short pregnancy interval means that the mother’s body can be at a nutritional disadvantage. This is the reason why you need focus on getting the nutrients and vitamins you need.

3.Never stop exercising.

Exercising during pregnancy may be a lot more challenging, but trust me, you need to do it. Moderate exercise routines can help alleviate fatigues. Look for prenatal exercise classes you can attend.

4.Don’t consider breastfeeding a contraceptive.

Use a birth control that is recommended by your physician. Sure, breastfeeding can suppress menstruation, though conception prior to first postdelivery period is very much possible.

5.Make sure to get back in shape.

All moms would agree that postpartum exercise routines are crucial for their recovery. As soon as your physician gives a go signal, make time for it.