February 28, 2019


by: blogadmin


Categories: Web Design

8 Important Advantages of Responsive Web Design

  • Higher Conversion Rates

A responsive website design can establish trust and good relationship between you and your audience. What comes after is an improved conversion rate.


  • Better SEO Strategy

When a website is responsive, it appears reputable and credible. Thus, its search engine rank may improve. Keep in mind that Google takes into account a website’s responsiveness as factor to determine SERPs ranking.


  • More Social Sharing

When accomplished properly, responsive website design can result to a social shares increase.  This will help you improve your credibility, and introduce you to a new audience.


  • Better Backlinks

Responsive websites can help users build high-quality backlinks. Backlinks play crucial roles in SEO strategies, They show Google and other search engines that other websites recognize you as a reputable information source.


  • Improved User Experience

Responsive designs can often lead to good user experience. People would find it easier to navigate around–no need to zoom and pinch their devices’ screens.


  • Mobile Traffic Increase

More than half of internet traffic today comes from mobile phones, and other smaller gadgets. Do you know how many of your website visitors browse from their smartphones? Incorporate a responsive website design now to make things easier for them.


  • Faster Web Development

Before, website owners create mobile versions of their websites to serve those people with smaller screens. Though, developing a mobile version is expensive, and can take too much time. The solution to this problem? A responsive website design that automatically adjusts itself.