October 24, 2018


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8 Disputes Clients and Developers Face in Developing Websites

Common Complications That The Web Developers Face in Developing Websites

In promoting your business online, it is not enough that you keep up with the newest strategies in marketing. It is also imperative that you have a decent website, one with a great design and ease of navigation. The truth is that website builders developers is a challenge, not just on the part of developers but also on the website owners as well.

Here are the common issues both sides usually face when developing a website:

  1. Sudden change of requirements – there are instances when a client would want to alter something after discussing their requirements. The worst part if it happens after the developers already projected the price. The modifications will eventually have a negative effect on the way a developer proceeds with the project.
  2. Not checking if the website works well on all types of browsers – there are so many browsers out there so it would not be a good idea to just select one browser for testing the website. You have to ensure that all the codes will work accordingly regardless of the browser the future site visitor will be using.
  3. Deciding to activate JavaScript or not – a client might discuss the possibility of utilizing JavaScript. The problem with activating it is the fact that it can be a bit more complicated to use, rather than adding AJAX on the website.
  4. Updating clients regarding the milestone of the projects – the problem with some developers is that they are not always sharing their progress reports with their clients. A monthly update would do, but clients would appreciate it more if the developers they hired update them on a weekly basis.
  5. Giving users a decent navigational structure – a good user experience will depend on the ease of navigation of the website. This is considered as the most important aspect of building a website, because it has a big impact on its overall usability.
  6. Crafting readable content – aside from the navigational structure of the website, the developers should also keep the content in mind. It should be easy to read for the users. Content is not only essential for promotion. They can also be used to impress the visitors of the site.
  7. Building an outstanding website – the goal of developers is to get new clients while the goal of the clients is to convert site visitors into customers. The best way to do that is to stand out using the website they are building.
  8. Resolving issues that may come after the website completion- finishing a website is just the beginning of the story. Once it went alive, there are a few more challenges that will eventually come along the way. One of this is dealing with spammers who might register for user accounts.

As you can see, developers face more disputes than their clients. The real challenge with clients will actually come once the website is up and running. Both sides should be there to support each other to keep the site running smoothly.