January 6, 2020


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5 Top Casino Gambling Techniques

1. Make sure that you fully understand the games.

There are tons of online casino games in Thailand, and choosing among them can be overwhelming. What are the games that you want to try? Before jumping into a gambling session, see to it that you fully understand the rules and regulations of the game. That way, you can improve your odds and score a win. Brush up on all the rules before risking your hard-earned money.

2. Don’t let the taxmen scare you.

Believe it or not, gambling income is taxable. Depending on the amount of your winnings, the house will either report them to the IRS, or withhold the taxes. For a certain amount of winnings, the house would give you a so-called W-2G. This is a form that denotes the number of winnings, and what taxes are taken out. See to it that what you are doing is recorded. Keep a journal that outlines how much you win, spend and lose.

3. Know your limits.

Money management is a boring matter, but it’s crucial to your journey towards being a successful gambler. Set a budget, and try your best to stick to it. How much are you willing to lose for this gambling session? Consider this as your “play money.” Separate this from the money for groceries, housing and other bills.
If you can’t afford to lose a specific amount, don’t play. Simple. Take a break. Why not go for a short walk outside, or get something to eat? Leave the casino once you use up your budget. Let your budget dictate the time limit.

4. Make the most out of your game play.

Maximize your casino experience by taking advantage of casino bonuses, freebies and comps.
Have you joined the player’s club? That membership is crucial for you to enjoy the rewards and promos. Your card should be with you each time you gamble, even if you are playing only for a short time. Don’t forget to sing up for email and text notifications.

5. Smile for the cameras.

Cameras can be found in every corner of a casino for protection. These “Eyes” can help you, in case you encounter disputes about a payout or card shuffle. Big brother is always watching you.
However, you should still watch out for your belongings. These cameras can help catch thieves, but of course, they will be long gone before the authorities get to review the videos. Always be vigilant.