October 22, 2019


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5 Must-See Places in Melaka

Melaka is formerly known as Malacca and is considered by UNESCO as one of the world’s heritage sites thanks to its rich cultural history.
Whether you want to visit the historical sites yourself or you want to bring with you a gorgeous escort girl so that you do not have to be lonely, there are definitely some places that you must visit in Melaka.

Fortunately for you, I happen to narrow down the best options for you so you do not have to search the internet for such information.
Today, I am going to highlight some of the must-see places in Melaka.

Appreciate Street Art

The city of Melaka is filled with different art that you can find just by walking around the city. You can find Instagram-worthy photos so you better make sure that you bring your equipment with you.

Aside from that, if you do not want to take a stroll but would rather just take a cruise and relax while looking at the local scene, you can take a cruise along the Melaka River if you want. The 45-minute cruise should suffice to give you an increased appreciation of the place.

And, after your journey, grab something to eat in the Bikini Toppings Café.

Visit St. Paul’s Church

There are many religious sites scattered all over Malaysia and St. Paul’s Church in Melaka is one of the most unique. The place was actually established back when the Portuguese people arrived and it has been used by the Dutch and British for various purposes.

The architecture is nice and since it is an open-roof church, makes it one of the more unique churches in Southeast Asia.

Pray at the Floating Mosque

If you’ve noticed, Islam is the main religion being practiced and followed in Malaysia so it is no wonder why you can find plenty of mosques all over the nation.

That being said, you can go to the Floating Mosque that is situated on a manmade island in Melaka. It is a 20-minute ride away from the main island and even if you do not practice the Islamic Faith, just visiting the place is enough.

Now, just a reminder: Make sure that you take your own ride- either by renting a car or a bike to and from the Mosque. That is because there aren’t a lot of public transport vehicles in the area and you may have to walk back to the city center which would take you roughly an hour or so depending on how fast you walk.

Play with the Huskies

Huskies are quite playful creatures and fortunately for animal lovers, there is a café in Melaka that is dedicated to them.
The Huskitory is a café where you can pet a lot of different huskies. They might look and act somewhat aggressively, but it is to be expected given that that is only their nature.

And, all of this cuddling isn’t that expensive at all!

Eat at Jonker

This iconic shopping street by the day and amazing street eat festival at night, locals and foreigners know that there is a lot to Jonker Street than what you read online.
You can buy Malaysian souvenirs in this place, but I am especially fond of the different cuisines that this place has to offer.