March 20, 2020


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5 Killer Tips to Grow Your E-Commerce Store Before 2020

Large businesses do not have a problem when it comes to abruptly shifting their business tactics in order to stay afloat, but doing such a thing would require a lot of money- something that most small and medium business owners cannot do.

Launching an e-commerce store, just like any business, would require some capital, but most e-commerce shop owners are those that do not have a lot of money to spend. This is not to say that you shouldn’t put up your own online business but this is to say that you have to be more careful about your business decisions.

Here are some killer tips that will help your e-commerce store grow before 2020:

Streamline Your Checkout Process

Do you know why people abandon their shopping carts just before they checkout? One of the reasons for this is that an online store’s checkout process might be too tedious.

In my experience, I only had three encounters of online stores where I had to go through 5 different pages before I can check out. Although I am patient when it comes to these things; not a lot of people are.

Therefore, it is only right that you check and streamline your checkout process. If you see in your analytics that you have a high percentage of cart abandonment, then you already know the reason why.

Organize a Remarketing Campaign

What is remarketing? Well, it is an effort where you try and win back your old customers to shop again in your online store. The good thing about remarketing is that you are targeting people that already know who you are so the things that you can do are quite easy in this regard.

Remarketing is an effective strategy if you find that a lot of people abandon their shopping carts, they do not make the purchase (despite repeat visits), among other things.

Organize a remarketing campaign by looking into social media advertising, utilizing Google ads, and so much more.

Implement New Things

When you start any business venture, you begin with just the most basic things. But, as you grow, you have to think out of the box and implement new things that will provide a much better experience to your customer.

Some things that you can consider are starting a loyalty or rewards program, improving your return process, incorporating different advertising methods into your business plan, and streamlining the checkout and delivery processes, etc.

Harness the Power of Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that you definitely have to use if you want to improve your sales. Instagram shopping, as people would call it, is a means for you to post images of your products, add certain tags, and also including the link to the said product directly on the image itself. This is a great way for you to improve your sales and all you have to do is use one particular social media platform.

Start a Referral Scheme

Word of mouth seems to be one of the oldest yet most effective ways to improve your sales. By starting a referral program where the referrer would receive huge discounts and other perks, can really help you gain more customers.