January 16, 2019


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5 Amazing Tools In Mastering Web Development

Tools to Help You Master Web Development

As a web developer, you have to start learning a lot of programming languages so that you are better equipped with to meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape.

Today, I am going to talk about some amazing tools that will help you in mastering the web development without any problems.

Let’s start with…

1. Atom or Sublime

5 Amazing Tools In Mastering Web DevelopmentI personally use Sublimetext simply because it is a much more feature-rich platform. It allows you to use some functionality that is not well known even to well-seasoned developers, you can select as many codes and, therefore, make a lot of changes in one go, and you can pretty much customize every aspect of your code the way you want it.

Atom is another code editor that is predominantly used by coding veterans. However, you might need to learn this a lot more than the previous choice since this is not beginner-friendly.


2. Sketch

We all know that web developers concern themselves with learning the many different programming languages that are used in web development. However, in this day and age, they have to know the designing aspect as well.

Although it is important to note that they do not need to be adept in the frontend, they have to be familiar with it since it is the first thing that is crafted to create the website.

So, for frontend developer, you can use Sketch as your main graphical editing tool. It provides more robust options and everything can be done easily. Should you need any assistance, it has a comprehensive knowledge base as well that is rife with the information you need to know to use a particular feature.

Adobe Photoshop is a pretty nice alternative, but everything is more streamlined on Sketch, which is why it is the most recommended tool for frontend development.

3. GitHub

This is arguably one of the best communities for coders out there, it is important for any developer to spend some of their time on this platform.

You can learn a lot of different programming languages here thanks to its vast repositories and you can even take on some open-source projects as well to test your mettle.

Most of the repositories can be accessed free of charge, but if you want to access the private ones, you may need to pay a small premium per month.

4. Terminal

5 Amazing Tools In Mastering Web DevelopmentLearning the tricks of the trade, such as mastering the command line, is essential for any developer. Due to many things that you can do by using the tool, it can be quite overwhelming for any budding developer. Still, this can be used to hone your skills which is why I highly recommend that you try this tool out.

5. Cosmic.js

Once you have created the entire website, you should now give the keys to your client so that they can manage their own content. For you to do so, you will need to use something like Cosmic.js.

This is essentially an API-first content management system that makes creating content seamless on the frontend.