October 25, 2018


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4 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Wedding Coordinator


A wedding is always going to be a special occasion for the bride and groom to be. Even though the final event is memorable, the things that lead up to having that magical wedding is quite cumbersome to achieve.

You can definitely wedding & event planner  for everything, however, if you are a bride and groom reading this article, you want to focus on what’s important: your union with each other.

Therefore, you have to leave all of the planning and execution to a dedicated wedding coordinator. But, you shouldn’t just hire one right off the bat, you still need to do some
things first in order for you get the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right wedding coordinator:

1. Research

The first thing that you need to do is to conduct some research. There are certainly plenty of wedding coordinators in your area, however, by doing the proper research, you can know a few things about them such as their name, their contact information, and if they have catered to previous clients before.

The good thing is you do not have to rely on word of mouth as you can pretty much research about them using the internet. It is fast and convenient and you can read up plenty of information about them using the platform as well.

2. Tell Them Your Plans

The wedding coordinator can only come up with a suitable wedding plan if the bride and groom themselves give them some ideas. You should start by telling them what your overall theme would be. Is it Japanese-inspired or is inspired by something else?

Also, you want to tell the coordinator if they have the means and the contacts that are
needed to pull something off that will wow not only you, but also your guests.

It is important to ask these things as not all wedding coordinators are the same. They
might have limited resources and they may not be able to deliver and fulfill your wishes. Always ask them first if they can do something about your plan and if they do, consider them and put their names on the short list.

3. See If Your Personalities Mesh

I’ve worked with a few wedding coordinators back in the day and I can tell you that all of them have different personalities. There are even times where I clash with some of them just because our personalities do not match.

When interviewing a possible candidate, make sure to assess their personalities. Try to see if you can work them in an effective manner and see if you like them to handle your wedding. Trust me, you want to work with someone who you’re comfortable with, so definitely think about this when hiring a wedding coordinator.

4. Check Their References

Ask around or better yet ask the coordinators about their previous clients so that you can check with them for reference.

You want to ask pertinent questions about the coordinator such as how well he/she responds to calls and texts, how well do they plan for such a momentous event, and if the actual event was indeed something memorable.

Look, event coordinators can easily tell you that they’ve managed successful events, but the real references, the people who have actually hired them in the past, might have a different story.